RSS Feed is excited to announce the release of our new improved product.

pair_bruisestoppers with closeupBruiseStoppers LLC is proud to announce our new and improved arm protection sleeve. We have changed to design to make it more comfortable to wear and much easier to get a good fit especially if your arm falls between sizes. We accomplished this by removing the hard Velcro from the top of the protective sleeve and replacing it with an elastic band and a small Velcro tab to fasten it. With these modifications the Velcro does not rub against your skin and it also allows you to adjust the BruiseStopper to fit your forearm precisely. Try our new and improved BruiseStoppers today and say goodbye to those painful embarrassing bruises once and for all. For more information and to order your pair of the new improved BruiseStoppers today, please visit

Bruise Stoppers LLC is a small family operated company located in Troy, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide diabetics, people on blood thinners or that have thin skin, with the highest quality BruiseStoppers / arm protector sleeves on the market today. We make sure everything that we sale is manufactured from top grade materials and has been tested for both comfort and durability. We stand behind our products and offer thirty day money back guarantee on everything we sale.


Diabetic Bruise Protection

Bruise Stoppers are Beneficial Products for Diabetic Patients

As we know nowadays diabetes is a very common disease which is found in many people, as well as some children who also suffers from this disease. And the worst part of diabetes is that chances for bruise increase a lot, which takes lot of time to heal in comparison to non-diabetic person. Just to help you out from that situation we come up with the BruiseGuards. For a diabetic person it is very important to concentrate on diabetic bruise protection, as if you ignore that scratches or rashes (bruises), it might possible that you are inviting huge amount of problems in your life.

These BruiseStoppers offer an additional layer of protection for those people who are suffering from blood disorders, elderly people, or who use medications for blood thinning. As you know these types of people easily becomes a victim for bruises or scratches. This forearm guard protects you from raising the level of bruises; also protect your skin from bacteria and or other microorganism which will attack you.


New tool for controlling bruises:

These guards protect the area ranging from your upper hands to elbow. These arm protection sleeves also play an important role for diabetic people as they need extra care for their skin. For diabetic people,  getting a  infected cut or scratch is very common , it will takes a lots of time to heal as compared to non-diabetic. Even who are not suffer from these kinds of disease like as animal lovers, athletes or a normal person can also wear these bruise guards in order to keep their arm protected while doing day to day activities. As a result, you will realize the difference after wearing these guards for just a few weeks.

These BruiseStoppers are also very thin; you will feel very comfortable and relaxed after wearing these.  For those who frequently face infected cuts and scratches or bruises it is advisable to wear these guards. If you want to spend time with your pets, and for gardening purposes as well we recommend you to wears these bruisestoppers as well.